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HR Services in Tajikistan

In order for the economic activity of the enterprise to be rational and efficient, it is recommended to introduce the most modern business technologies into personnel records management. Outsourcing of personnel accounting is a profitable solution for a company of any size, organizational and legal form. FCHAIN Corporation provides HR services in Tajikistan and other countries of the world. Professionalism is guaranteed.

FCHAIN specialists can take over all the functions of the personnel department, efficiently performing all tasks. We provide our customers with individual approaches and high-level personnel management, which allows for promoting the business in a comprehensive way. Cooperation with us in the field of personnel administration and implementation of modern personnel policy has led to the success of many companies around the world.

We provide you with the following services:

  • preparation and maintenance of registration logs, accounting books, workbooks, etc.;
  • provision of all documentation necessary for working with personnel, “turnkey”;
  • creation of an enterprise management model taking into account the specifics of its activities;
  • conducting a comprehensive, independent audit of personnel in order to identify mistakes and eliminate them;
  • provision of an automated personnel accounting system;
  • planning the needs of the company based on the information known about the current staff;
  • formation of the staffing table;
  • preparation of personnel policy, development of relevant regulations, and job descriptions;
  • formation and adjustment of local regulations of the enterprise;
  • preparation and transfer of the necessary documentation to the authorized state bodies;
  • optimization of the recruitment process and effective distribution of new employees in the workplace;
  • analysis of the reasons why the staff tends to leave the company;
  • the use of an individual approach in solving any task related to the personnel of the enterprise.

Properly structured personnel management at the enterprise and competent administration become one of the reasons for the success of the company. By delegating these tasks to us, you will feel the benefits from the first days of cooperation.


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