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Accounting Services in Tajikistan

Accounting services from FCHAIN are the management of your accounting department on the principle of outsourcing. You delegate accounting tasks to us, and we solve them for you.

Moreover, not one person works with you, but a whole team of accountants who have already solved all kinds of accounting errors over the years. Outsourcing accounting will simplify and accelerate the conduct of business for both private entrepreneurs and large companies. With us, you will save time, money, and energy for the development of your own business, which is especially important now.

In particular, the FCHAIN team:

  • will provide full accounting services and support: acceptance for processing of primary documents, their accounting, a reflection of all operations in the database, payroll, tax work, consultations on loans, loans, and other current accounting issues;
  • will provide audit services: we conduct an independent audit of your securities, accounting, tax, and financial statements;
  • will restore your accounting from scratch completely or partially in case of minor violations or even complete destruction;
  • will restore tax accounting, up to the formation and submission of reports;
  • will prepare financial and tax reports, to which there will be no claims from the inspection authorities;
  • will conduct tax optimization: we will analyze the current situation, correct errors, and advise the scheme better, if possible;
  • will be engaged with the calculation and payroll: quickly, efficiently, and with complete confidentiality;
  • will bring the reporting and documentation to the IFRS standards of Tajikistan;
  • will advise on any accounting issues.

If you are not sure which service is best for you at the current stage of development, then we will advise you. The product offered to you will be optimal in price, quality and necessity.

Whether you need to hire people on staff or outsource accounting depends on many factors. It is more profitable for young entrepreneurs to hire one specialist or delegate their accounting to one freelancer. Large companies, on the contrary, are ready to recruit a whole team of specialists at once because they have a lot of turnovers, and confidentiality is very important for them. It can still be more profitable to use the services of the team on outsourcing.

The benefits of outsourcing accounting from FCHAIN are:

  • saving money on wages and social benefits: you pay only for the tasks performed but are not responsible for the maintenance of the staff;
  • savings on the maintenance of the workplace: since accounting does not work at your company, you do not pay for the rent of extra space, for light, heating, etc.;
  • reducing risks and accelerating work: we have already faced those mistakes that you have not even heard of and are familiar with all the nuances of the legislation so we will do everything quickly and efficiently.


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