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Company liquidation in Tajikistan

Liquidation of a legal entity is one of the most complex processes, regardless of what caused such a decision.

An experienced lawyer should take part in the liquidation of the enterprise. This will make it possible to terminate the business activities of the company without violating the law and causing problems with government agencies. The duration and complexity of the liquidation of the enterprise are directly related to how well the strategy is chosen, and whether its stages coincide with the legislation.

By contacting us, you can get high-quality services on the liquidation of enterprises in Dushanbe, as well as other cities of Tajikistan. Our specialists are ready to provide highly qualified assistance in the liquidation of enterprises of any organizational and legal form, no matter how complicated the situation is.

FCHAIN specialists will analyze the legal documentation of the company under liquidation and, on the basis of the obtained data, will propose the optimal solution, allowing for to reduction of the risks and financial burden on the customer. FCHAIN guarantees its customers high professionalism of lawyers, confidentiality, and legal support at all stages of the process.

By interacting with us, you get the opportunity to liquidate the business and avoid problems that may be associated with this process. You will be able to get a profitable, reliable legal service and get rid of the costs caused by inspections by regulatory authorities. Another advantage of cooperation with us is the liquidation of the enterprise in a limited time.


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