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Outsourcing and outstaffing in Tajikistan

In order to optimize and improve business processes, it is necessary to introduce innovative technologies in the field of management at all levels of production to attract highly qualified personnel to solve problems.

At the same time, however, the cost of maintaining its own personnel in the enterprise increases, which increases the financial burden on the enterprise and leads to a decrease in its profit. It is for these reasons that the transfer of the most labor-intensive and resource-intensive functions to service the outsourcing company and the involvement of non-staff personnel is becoming increasingly popular.

FCHAIN provides outsourcing and outstaffing services in Tajikistan and other countries. Our offer can be beneficial for any enterprise, regardless of its organizational and legal form, and the size of the business. Efficiency is achieved by unloading the company from the most difficult daily tasks with a reduction in the cost of their execution.

Effective provision of services from FCHAIN

Our specialists will fulfill all their obligations on time and will also find the optimal solution for issues of any complexity. On our part, confidentiality and a high level of professionalism are guaranteed when performing tasks related to various aspects of the company’s activities. When they are carried out, legal norms are clearly observed, which is necessary for successful interaction with the competent state bodies of Tajikistan.

The experience of FCHAIN in the field of optimization of management of enterprises and transfer of employees to the staff of firms allows solving the emerging personnel problems professionally, in that number, the best form of labor relations and type of taxation. We guarantee the fulfillment of all obligations related to working with the personnel of the enterprise, solving labor disputes, etc. This will provide your business with reliable protection from unnecessary risks.

Outsourcing and Outsourcing by FCHAIN are Effective Management Tools that can reduce costs and provide additional opportunities for your business.


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