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Legal Services in Tajikistan

Outsourcing legal support is becoming increasingly popular among companies located around the world. The reason for this is the opportunity to get high-quality services for a lower fee (compared to the cost of a lawyer who is on the staff of the firm).

Individual enterprises and legal entities from Dushanbe and other cities of the world can apply for comprehensive legal support from FCHAIN. Working with us, you can entrust routine work to our lawyers – all documents will be prepared and, if necessary, transferred to state authorities in a timely manner. At this time, you will address other issues of importance to the business.

What is included in the legal support from FCHAIN

We offer legal support in the following:

  • registration of individual entrepreneurs and legal entities;
  • legal examination of the statutory documents of the organization;
  • correction of statutory documents;
  • drafting and adjusting agreements (including labor agreements) in accordance with the regulatory legal acts of Tajikistan;
  • change of directors, founders, and shareholders of the organization;
  • case of change of legal address;
  • adjusting the subjects of the company’s activities;
  • making changes to the authorized capital of the organization.

In addition, you can contact us if you need to put an apostille on the documents or notarize them. If necessary, FCHAIN can help with drafting other legal documents.

Why is it worth cooperating with FCHAIN?

Can’t decide whether to start working with us? Perhaps the following advantages that you can use will help you make a positive decision:

  • significant reduction of legal support costs;
  • minimizing the risks, one way or another, related to the company’s activities in the legal field to a minimum, preventing possible problems with government agencies;
  • saving time for processing documents and their transmission to the competent authorities;
  • the opportunity to receive legal advice from highly qualified lawyers at any time. Experts will find a solution even for the most difficult problem.

You are making the right decision by contacting us. We have considerable experience in the field of corporate law and can offer a range of services for any company with guaranteed quality legal support.


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