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Reporting and tax optimization in Tajikistan

At FCHAIN, we consider timeliness, compliance with legislation, and quality to be the main thing in financial reporting, otherwise, the business faces not only fines from the inspection bodies but also a slowdown in development since a belated and unclear financial picture misinforms the head and prevents making the right decisions. Thanks to many years of experience, our accountants do everything correctly and on time.

We propose to optimize taxation so that the company earns more and loses less at the same time. This is relevant for both small and large companies since the legislation is now changeable, and the old schemes no longer work. In absolutely legal ways, we will make sure that you pay fewer taxes. We work with both private entrepreneurs and legal entities of any legal form.

Preparation of reports

In order for us to prepare accounting reports for you, you provide the:

  • primary documents for the reporting period;
  • database of an automated accounting program;
  • submitted accounting documentation for the previous period.

We form all financial statements exactly according to the requirements of IFRS in three ways:

  • remotely (you give us remote access to the customer base);
  • by exchanging the unloading of accounting information (“Distributed information base” in 1C Enterprise 8.3);
  • or directly in the customer base (departure to the office).

How to send it is up to you.

Optimization of taxation

The essence of service is in the basic postulate of profit taxation. It goes like this: every business has the right to evade or reduce mandatory taxes legally. FCHAIN specialists will solve this problem simply by analyzing the amounts of future revenues and costs and using planning correctly.

The schemes developed by us reduce the number of contributions you need to pay in the form of mandatory taxes. The benefits of such optimization are often so high that the price of the service compared to this seems trivial. At the same time, proper tax reporting allows timely identification of tax risks and minimization.

We monitor and study changes in tax laws and often develop legal ways to save on payments in the process of their implementation. In the process of work, we determine the possibilities of tax planning at the enterprise and ways to reduce your contribution costs.

We optimize the number of tax payments in the following ways:

  • optimize the items of outgoing and incoming payments; set the date when it is necessary to recognize expenses as expenses and income as income;
  • develop economic work schemes. For example, we attract intermediaries to perform current tasks, use leasing, etc.;
  • balance the costs of social payments to employees and wages: we choose from different options suitable methods of calculation and accrual;
  • organize holdings to save on taxes (it depends on the type of activity);

Our specialist will answer in detail all questions on tax optimization and the preparation of reports specifically in your company.


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