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Recruitment services in Tajikistan

Recruiting in Dushanbe

It is more challenging to get into a large company than it seems. Sometimes, the information about the vacancy can be unavailable, or the company owner gives preference to a staffing agency. When searching for personnel, it is very convenient to use the services of a recruiting company that selects specialists based on the requirements put forward. It also conducts interviews and is responsible for the candidate it chooses.

Recruiters and the pros of recruiting

It would be best to understand the difference between a staffing agency and a company that provides recruiting services. The latter is engaged in the conclusion of contracts with customers – business owners. And staffing agencies, various labor exchanges, and personnel departments sign an agreement with the employee and offer him to choose a job.

There are different types of recruiting:

  • internal;
  • technical:
  • executive.

Effective recruiting in Dushanbe allows for increasing positive brand awareness, as the reach of a group of recruiters extends to a large audience.

International Recruitment Tajikistan
Outstaffing in Tajikistan

Candidate for any specialty

Internal recruiting is the selection of personnel by promoting vacancies among existing employees to provide career development opportunities and retain employees. Technical recruiting in Dushanbe focuses on hiring candidates such as engineers and product professionals for specialized jobs. Some of these jobs may include software engineers, network developers, advertising managers, and quality control specialists. Executive recruiting is aimed at finding candidates for management positions.

Outstaffing in Tajikistan

The concept involves hiring one specialist and making him available to another organization, which has previously ordered this service of hiring an employee. Simply put, it is a temporary luring from one company to another without employing a worker. It is not prohibited by law and is possible by the agreement of both entities. Recruiting services save both parties from paperwork. Outstaffing is project-based and exempts the client from paying unnecessary taxes. After the work is done, the specialist returns to his previous workplace.

Hiring employees and recruiting services

Recruiting in Dushanbe takes place according to specific requirements for a particular profession. As a rule, jobs such as laborer, loader, cleaner, and other low-paid occupations do not need recruitment services. The main requirements of the personnel are the following: age under 35 years, pleasant appearance, computer skills at a confident user level, knowledge of a foreign language, higher education, work experience of 2 years, and so on. Recruiting agencies do not just look at resumes and schedule an interview. They conduct a thorough selection of personnel from professionals and analyze all the candidate’s qualities.

Hiring employees in Tajikistan


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