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Drafting and reviewing contracts in Tajikistan

How to draw up a contract in Dushanbe, and where to ask for help?

A legal document is a contract between you and another person, company, or organization. They protect the rights and obligations of both parties. In addition, it specifies options for mutual assistance if something does not go as expected. Drafting and reviewing contracts can take time and legal knowledge, but if everything is done right, it can protect you in the future.

Contract drafting assistance

Who may need contract drafting and support? Both individuals and legal entities conclude any transactions. It can be financial transactions, the purchase and sale or exchange of property. To correctly fill out the paperwork, you need to know the local laws. If you need to draw up legal documents, the best way out is to turn to a professional. Before doing this, it is necessary to agree on the terms with the counterparty in oral form and sketch yourself a plan of the points that will be written in the future document.

The general terms and conditions of a procedure such as legal document drafting usually include the following:

  • identification of counterparties;
  • rights and obligations;
  • terms and conditions of the contract;
  • responsibilities of the parties;
  • the cost of works and services;
  • guarantees and terms;
  • signatures and seals.

The drafting and review of contracts is regulated by civil law, so the written form is the most relevant for many businesses.

Contract basics for signatory parties

Legal documents include relevant details, terms, and conditions related to the transaction. However, specific provisions will vary greatly depending on the type of contract, even a basic one. As a result, the contract should contain provisions that demonstrate an offer, acceptance, and exchange of rights. For example, the drafting of legal documents, such as apartment purchase agreements, can be delegated by the present owner to another party or counterparty.

How to draw up a contract in Dushanbe
contract drafting and support

Stages of the legal document drafting process

All contracts have a time limit for entry into force and expiration, so the parties to the contract must agree on all terms before they sign the papers or contact a lawyer to review and verify the authenticity of the agreement.

The preparation of complex contracts involves additional clauses. It depends on the purpose and objective of the document. For example, the employment agreement necessarily includes all the requirements and responsibilities of the business owner and the employee. If you need to sign an already completed contract, carefully proofread it, primarily what is written in the fine print. If you do not understand any of the wording, contact a good specialist to decipher the document.

Registration of deals and legal support

There is such a lawyer service in Dushanbe, as the examination of contracts. Preparation of complex contracts or drafting and legal analysis of contractual documents is one of the competencies of a specialist. He can also conduct legal support, helps to draw up a statement of claim, and represent the rights of a natural or legal person in court.


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