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Payroll Services in Tajikistan

Outsourcing payroll is one of the most sought-after services among those who seek to optimize and improve the business processes taking place at their own enterprise. Making a decision to outsource payroll is relevant for individual entrepreneurship, firms, and foreign companies, and this will allow for solving one of the most difficult business tasks.

FCHAIN calculates wages for companies of any size and legal form located in Tajikistan and other countries. The calculation is carried out by highly qualified specialists who will help to determine the appropriate tax regime and benefits that can be used by businesses in Tajikistan in accordance with the normative legal acts in force in the country. We guarantee the quality of our services, timely execution, and confidentiality at all levels.

If you decide to transfer payroll to FCHAIN, this will allow you to optimize the financial costs associated with running a business. This is done by saving on paying for the services of a full-time accountant and eliminating costs associated with errors in the accounting documentation, fines, etc. Our specialists provide their customers with operational support when solving problems in the settlement sphere; if necessary, they will consult on any issues of interest to the customer.

List of services

  • the compilation, systematization of the payroll, calculation of wages, and preparation of the necessary documentation;
  • preparation and transmission of reports to the competent state bodies;
  • advising authorized employees of the client on the calculation of wages, tax, and other contributions;
  • maintenance of the payroll register;
  • calculation of tax deductions;
  • operational support with constant monitoring of changes in the tax and labor legislation of Tajikistan.

By trusting us, you can address other important business issues. At the same time, you will be able to save time and money and get rid of possible problems with government agencies. We will be engaged in payroll calculation, preparation of related documentation in accordance with the requirements in force in Tajikistan, and preparation of correct reports for regulatory authorities. Confidentiality, professionalism, timeliness of tasks, and the use of an individual approach are guaranteed.


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